Donate to Clothes Cabin
Did you know the amount you can donate to Clothes Cabin and claim under the Arizona tax credit has DOUBLED starting  in 2016?
Scroll down for more information on how to “double it”!

We make every penny count! One Small Step works diligently to minimize operating costs so more of our resources can provide the clothing that is needed. Still, there are basic operating costs to keeping Clothes Cabin open. In addition to rent, utilities, and insurance, Clothes Cabin needs funds to purchase supplies and clothing in shortage areas such as underwear, children’s athletic shoes, and work boots.

Your donation is eligible for a tax credit and in Arizona, One Small Step is a Qualifying Charitable Organization for purposes of the Arizona tax credit. Even a small contribution will help clothe a family in need. Your support in this area is greatly appreciated by Clothes Cabin’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers.

Tax Credits for Arizona State Income Tax

One Small Step, Inc. (dba, Clothes Cabin) is a Qualifying Charitable Organization with The Arizona Department of Revenue.

What this means

This means that you have a unique opportunity to direct your tax money to charities you support.

Donors can take a tax credit of up to $800 for married couples filing jointly, or $400 for individuals of the amount donated for our category as a Qualifying Charitable Organization.*

You have to make a donation up front, but provided you stay within prescribed limits you get every dollar back in the form of a tax credit.

*INCREASED LIMITS STARTING IN 2016– SB 1216 was signed into law in May of 2016 increasing the maximum amount for the tax credit from $200 and $400 (for individuals or married couples, respectively) to $400 and $800.

When is the deadline?

Credit eligible contributions must be made to a Qualifying Charitable Organization by April 15th to be claimed on the previous years’ tax return.*

If you have any questions please consult your tax accountant or tax advisor for details.